Founder, Managing Partner
Darren M. Klein
DMK Holdings (“DMK”) provides management consulting and advisory services across various industries.  These industries include: Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality (Restaurants, Hotels), Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. 

Mr. Klein is experienced in the design, development and implementation of financial models,  P&L Management (planning, budgeting, forecasting, projections, financial analysis, execution), organizational change management, team building, change management, technology systems (selection, implementation, support), business and technology alignment and portfolio and project management. 

Today, businesses must be efficient, maximize their revenues, minimize their expenses, effective, adaptive and customer focused.  Mr. Klein concentrates on making a business more efficient so that the business may remain, or become, competitive and generate profits in good times and bad.
Analyzing your business strategy is a  continuous process.  Affirming or making course corrections to your road-map is essential for the future success of your business.
Mr. Klein has a proven track record of leadership, improving the financial health of the business, reducing expenses, restructuring debt and increasing margins and profitability.
By analyzing your business, and comparing it to your competitors, we can develop and execute a plan for your businesses’ well-being.