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  • Holidays are for…

    It's the holiday season. For many people it means gift shopping, holiday parties, time with friends and family, and maybe some well deserved time off. For retailers it means working overtime to sell as much as they can to hit or exceed their revenue targets.  What about you?  Have you achieved your revenue targets?  If […]

  • Avoid Top 3 Mistakes

    Contact us now to setup your free business consultation and to learn how to avoid the top 3 mistakes of small and medium-sized businesses

  • Welcome!

    This is the first entry for DMK Management Consulting!  Very exciting. 🙂 Call us now, 516-214-0605, to discuss your business strategy and: 1. How well are you using technology to execute your business strategy? 2. Are you using the most appropriate technology to support your operations, sales and marketing efforts? 3. Are you focusing the […]