Darren M. Klein is the founder and Managing Partner of DMK Management Consulting providing management consulting and advisory services in various industries.  These industries include:
Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Hotels, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. 
         Mr. Klein is experienced in the design, development and implementation of financial models and plans, budgeting, financial analysis, forecasting, projections, technology system implementation, business and technology alignment and portfolio and project management.
         Today, businesses can only survive if they are efficient, maximize their revenues and minimize their expenses.  Mr. Klein concentrates on making a business more efficient so that the business can stay competitive and generate profits in good times and bad.
         You have nothing to lose and much to gain by having your business strategically analyzed and to create a road-map for the future of your business.
         Mr. Klein has a proven track record of improving the financial health of business operations, reducing operating expenses, restructuring debt and increasing margins and profitability.
         By analyzing your business as well as your competitors and your industry, a plan for your businesses’ well-being is achievable.